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Mine Venegance (Under One Flag 1988)


Richmond, California late seventies era Heavy Rock unit of the lesser name for Blind Illusion must be a chance for one to recognizable the essential roots of their West Coast Rock scene just like mentioning some names from David White Godfrey, Harald Oimoen, Marc Biedermann to Larry Lalonde or Les Claypool (of Primus) because this band used to be their group of American Thrash Metal which divided onto the Prog-Rock and metallic Thrash goes for a screaming vocals and high techniques riff-age and arrangements from the members.

Blind Illusion’s The Sane Asylum should be your infamous recording to listen and learn and realizing the head-banging bangs corroded through the maintenance metallic pressures electrifying off Death Noise, Bloodshower, Kamakazi, Vicious Vision and Metamorphosis of a Monster blasting your thrilling horror collection nights in premier or flashback and terrifying your parents for calling how scary Heavy Metal sounded alike that day its shocking the global as a main threat !

The Sane Asylum: