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Micro Flame Aggression (Sargent House/Daymare Recordings 2017)

   Blessing not for long too late on how the band given their next efforts to the open world as Alternative Progressive Metal process goes on within the American group crashing rocks of high intensity and techniques proclaims which deserves your applause and easily, forcing you to go head-banging is what Ben Koller, Nick Cageao and Stephen Brodsky screaming loud about right after the previous one comes this War Moans; like gladly, focusing over the kiss of death from an opposition to his enemy as thought of satan conquering the globe equally as fallen soldiers being mutilated in brutal ways by the others or your scene along with seminal sci-fi ideas dealing with tracks of the news flash bending like hoax but true over Bone Chain, Date with The Devil, Headrush, Irons In The Fire onto Wreck and Survive or Afterlife did a great sealing greet on Bandages but the dying keeps on losing their hopes as the battles grown continues and larger army of Mutoid Man marching and kills not for pleasures or commands but a instinct to surviving the extinction or defeated and bygone.

War Moans: