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Mental Sentence (Relapse Records 2016)

   Underground quartet of Nathan Misterek on vocals, Nick Phit on guitars, Bryan Sours the drummer and Sketchy Jeff the bass player bring their Doom Metal alliance music project as a solid band adding more Sludge metallic grids as the past former members and the background story found out and sharing as the group from Portland, OR keeps continuing to decided exploding the tension for the true Heavy Metal extreme loving people gone head-banging and get lost into the perfect dangerous sounds in slower-bashing tunes just like over this cult-dark magical ritualistic artworks covers on the recording of The Curse That Is recorded by the band themselves – Graves At Sea  which sending the audiences their groovy, cutting teeth and gravy messages written between the lyrics over the themed about another urban legends or cult-burning tales like you going to hear within the metallic songs on Dead Eyes, Tempest, The Ashes Make Her Beautiful, Luna Lupus Venator or The Waco 177 relenting the mega-doomy slabs with fucking brutal riffs with maximum threats as self-loathing tormented demise of minutes closer to hell awaken.

The Curse That Is: