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Melody Remedy (Bandcamp 2017)

Signature elemental for Alternative Pop or Indie Folk made in Haarlem, The Netherlands which comprising the group named Sue The Night as the newer combination of self-independent local musicians that adding their distinctive talents in music making covers the identities for Suus de Groot (Sue) with Nana Effah-Bakoe, Tobias Ponsioen, Thijs van de Klugt, Matthijs Barnhoorn to Simone van Vugt or Linda van Leeuwen to Frank Wienk as the sophomore softer beats and beautiful vocals emerging from the depth of mystery and romance of Wanderland sapping the shapes and windy atmosphere within the intervals brought here by The World Below, The Big Picture, Morningpaper, Come to Play, From The Mire or Mind Dear – given the non-toxic taste for your tongue to feel how true is the magnificent Pop sounds would better to getting simply awesome rather than artificial fakes