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Me And Jesus (Bandcamp 2013)

   Hillbilly Lo-Fi worldly jams may sounded traditional and backwards but within Spirituals – the recording; one shall finding how difficult to stop people from liking Skrill Meadow even when they’re offering only a piece of sketching on the moonshined bottle of drinks as the alcohols isn’t real there. Came from Olympia, Washington but originated for Mojave Desert record project that being sought by the music-maker and disc jockey head currently – you didn’t wanted to know his personality either.
   Great Speckled Bird, Family Bible, Leave It There, A Long Way From Heaven or Father Along to I’ll Fly Away are those drunken cowboy’s electro-pop arrangements in vice versa here. Whether you heard about Rhythm Guitar, Rank Strangers or Anchored In Love – as the light’s on and sparkle; this persona aura’s musical won’t be a disaster spoiler to those knuckle-heads hillbilly kids.