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Maximillion Holy (EmuBands 2013)

   On their likes for Radiohead, Explosion in The Sky, Manchester Orchestra or Kings of Leon for some reasons; Andy Black the guitarist/vocalist, Lewis Murphy on drums, keyboards and vocals to Adam Teiger on bass guitar/acoustic guitar as themselves representing Alternative Rock and Power-Pop for Glasgow scene and Scotland heritage releasing the works in Found – recorded as themselves calling the band’s name baptizing as Scarlet Shift with those too many man figures in suits going to walk inside a deeper parts of the beach like suicide but the energy still fixing right as the manifestation for positive anthems stepping in within Beach Boy, Clouds (feat. Janine Shilstone) or Lion Needs Courage as well as Olympic Swimmer and Smell The Roses reminding healthy and catchy to attracting more audience on liking them.

As rhythmic feels available and eagerly powerful to make the group having bigger fan-based squadron just like they’re neat compositions and performance here – really entertaining to added more features for the Modern Rock international scene today !