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Mark Bowen (Independent 2018)

Guitarist Daniel Majer did the intentional fun and metallic tribute to Carcass as a four piece formed by his attention before the project of Flatus continues to having more excitement in homage paying through bludgeoning performance of a seasonal buried funeral to cadaver-ridden soaking similarity slaughterhouse Death Metal classic tunes writing over the scratch-sniffing of their rotten tunes within the exact recording on Global Developmental Decay that would easily attracting many grinder-heads around to wanting them just like the self-made altar builds of a dead body picture as this Australian Grindcore meaning can be described as intestinal bactery-gas productions or sulphide hydrogen and methane of unhealthy macabre group performance as all the lyrics and music decomposed beginning; might be your last chance to stay outside or stepping into Humane Garbage, Fettgans Madrigal, The Toxoplasmic Avenger and Mans’ Obsolescence struck the walls down and letting the Death Metal/Grind-Core kicking in and slaughtering or mutilated everything that moves or breathing like an unknown serial killer always did !

Global Developmental Decay: