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Maniobra De Valsalva (Bandcamp 2009)

   Reaching the coldest higher mountains while listening to Buenas Son Tortas recorded by Mikel Martinez as his (non) secret project-based Aitanna77 as a home-growing musical off Castellon De La Plana, Spain and those tall mountains tops non-arguably tells nothing as the quiet silence of their mouth praising the less humanity comes conquering them but let the natural being in peace and recurring dreams shall manually being given a spread by holy goddess mother earth herself when it is the time. Spaniard lyrics and musical instrumentals written, produced and recorded by Mikel Martinez himself designed to be as softly and non-violence or lethal to harming any ears or feelings whether you’re a living things or not which carefully, leads the exact patterns of self-healing and simple music sounds through Cosas Que Nunca Hice, Consejo Para Dormir Bien #2, Aquel Miedo Idiota and the English literature on This Car is Going Nowhere providing by the rest performance dealing with and using metallphone/melodic/stylophone/harmonica/percussion/guitars/acoustic and tambourine/maracas/hand drums or jingle stick – creating Electronic Lo-Fi Post-Rock beats and Hip-Hop ambient gifts.

Buenas Son Tortas: