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Mandalorian Tocyu G’d (Not On Label 2015)

   As the sky turning like golden-firing scares you thinking that it might closing to the doomsday changing preparations to be a useless acts and interests from these New Yorker tells you that the group of musician loves their friend’s falafel, caffeine, bourbon, jimmy’s changes onto thus saffron Indian cuisine creating the challenges in heartfelt transcend of sub-genre metallic-loid bursts out on such a higher technical metal music made by jedi-type thing rocked heads as Circuit Of Suns releasing their self-titled album showing the session characters of female worshiping the giant fireball in the sky which consisting the spoken lyrics performance, recorded melodic harmony and traditional-tinged sounds which exploding little bit of blends between magic, science and through the blasting pieces of the screamo Metal-core disruption.

   As the union over the members that used to be in attacking mission within Through The Eyes of The Dead or We Are The Romans suits under the leading roles off Mike Ranne and Mo Kofuma on drums and vocals inside the secrets of god worshiping in Deathcore to Death Metal prepositions among The Spookiest Action at a Distance, Cowboy Bebop and Rocksteady to Bloody Red Shift with Michael Dafferner on vocals onto Shuryo and Solar Flare Tsunami in such a brutal and methodically professional to giving you good head-banging and melodic ancient cranks from this terrible releasing themes.

Circuit of Suns: