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Man Vs. Beast (WaterTower Music 2017)

   Henry Jackman producing the entire original motion picture soundtrack for the prequel/sequel re-making of Kong: Skull Island on the fictional tales about gigantic monstrous ape-like creature ruling his mysterious hidden island away from any civilization to knowing it but behind the terrible storms and Bermuda triangle type of environments lives an w=elusive unique realm where giant animal creatures roaring the land, sulphur gas easily to explodes, ancient tribe with no hesitation to lusty for other belongings in peaceful community but inferior to strangers, bamboo forest that would kills you in seconds or living fossils and dead trees moving is some parts of the beauty and excitements covering the terrifying truth about terrible underground lizard-dragon like monsters that shall be encountered by the first two outsiders: the WW II dogfight's American and Japanese pilots fights interrupted by the crash as well as the monster giant ape until twenty-nine years later US agent Bill Randa and the team of military and experts led by Captain James Conrad tracking the guidance of an expedition on the discovering for an unmapped area of Skull Island as being escorts by US army helicopters squadron with Lieutenant Colonel Packard commanding his subordinates as well being joined by good-looking but pacifist photo-journalist Mason Weaver believes that this is a secret military operations showing the massive explosions dropped by Packard and the team but covered them as the methods for mapping the uncharted areas around the massive island developed by seismologist Brooks proving his theory about hollow earth theory as later suddenly, out of nowhere a coconut tree launcher and destroying a helicopter the the other being shocked and trembles – attacked by the same giant ape monster  without mercy as it grabbing, crushing, bashing and exploding the entire squadron into pieces with some survivors scattered across the island area. 
   The revealing on Randa involvement through the secret government organization of Monarch project as Packard confronting him to tell the truth about monsters existence that can threatening humanity needs to be proven and shown to public before the team destroying them all as they’re reaching the rendezvous point of meeting while Conrad and his team encountered the local natives Iwi tribe as well as the old American pilot Harlow welcoming them as the explanations about the history around this elusive island reveals that Kong is the good god and protector of the natives while skull-crawlers are the scary beast dwelling the underground west parts of the place. 
The movie soundtrack really captures the wind of adventurous, thrilling, excitement and the feeling of amaze and inferior of everyone first time being landed to this mysterious place and seeing some of its unexplainable creatures in humongous sizes since The Beach, Assembling The Team, Monsters Exist, Spider Attack, The Temple, Lost and Grey Fox – did facility thus encouraging meets the fear of the unknown mixed within the tales for the movie directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts as staring TommHiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson. Within the plan changes and many soldiers meet their doom while moving across the mass-graves of Kong’s family members and being ambushed by the skull-crawlers; crazy war-head Packard decided to go back to the helicopter crashed site and collecting heavy armor and explosions to trap Kong and eliminates the creature as the revenge for all his fallen men on this missions but the civilians demanding to stay on the boat while waiting the rest of the military personnel. 
   As Kong being unconscious due to the napalm trap explosion burnt wounds; the giant skull-crawler awaken and threatening the rest of the survival team but with the help from Kong fighting it and Weaver climbing up to shoot a signal while the others shooting and distracted the reptile dragon-like creature before Kong finally, kills it and saving the almost drowning beautiful Weaver allowing the survivors to leave the island. 
The last end-credits showing how Marlow comes back to meet his family again as drinking beers and watching baseball game disaster on television is the best things for him since he comes back to the modern world again but the revelations about many more monsters and the Skull Island shall be the next with monsters drawing depicted on the cave footage proves something sinister, dangerous and gigantic lurking somewhere to get out to our world.