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Lucky 88 (Carpark Records 2018)

   Motto-ing for their dauntless collection of songs by the latest Indie Rock massive tidal wave voices, silent no longer or the hurt endurance of society margins on truth-tellers, song-writer and guitar player and singer babe – Sadie Dupuis whom having the attractive magnets for gaining interests from the audiences as the self-employment speaking humour or baffling is the crucial parts for Speedy Ortiz crew – the band that plays shows, eating stuff and illegally loude by making snack catchy Pop-Rock with Andy Molholt (guitars), Darl Ferm (bass), Mike Falcone (drums) and Sadie the lead female figure releasing the album of Twerp Verse – spreading necessary brat-ness or see-sawing elastic Synth-Pop Electro Rock outfits via Lean In When I Suffer, Can I Kiss You ?, I’m Blessed, Alone With Girls, Sport Death and You Hate The Title.

Seems to sounded like a closer nebulae licorice eating breakfast moment in glittery exciting reckoning states of honest and poignant clownish celebration of soft absurdity of the young … 

Twerp Verse: