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Lonely Muse (Not On Label 2014)

   EP releasing and great female powerful voice leading the Grand Rapids, Michigan crew named themselves Aria Flame as like the phoenix flying high given their Symphonic Metal performance in quality as the riff-age and melodic raging keeps doing the trick well to add more and more listeners liking them. Meet the quartet of Trevor Antonides (bass), Daniel Cruzan (guitars), Erik Sales (drums) and Aziza Amy Poggi the magnificent female figure within her operatic ranging of the top tuning energy singing for A World Of Silence album-tracks like: Realm of Hate, My Own little World and Divine World – granting how fully ensemble these US metallic group really made their footprints counted as visible materials for the audience to collects because they're sounding softly aggressive to burning the metal-gears a burst for many longer times in continuity project for great music and the enlightenment of the specific genre.

A World Of Silence: