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Little The Sins (Kitchenware Records 2004)

Skinny teenagers from UK making their appearance simply familiar to the error female version of Cypress Hill playing too damn much Pop-tunes as the three girls: Karina Chambers, Katherine Monaco and Michelle Heaton have been ex-communicated from their access on being regular and good looking gorgeous don’t doing naughty but within thus Hip-Hop and Pop-Rap music sounds over the second delivering parental advisory labeled record of Control Freaks; Sirens might be not as many of you known them ever existing in the realm of popular mags and media system kinds of mainstream artists but it is.

The chained gang of women wearing white dirty shirts and jeans becoming thus exact term-thumping beyond your wilder imaginations via Sirens as Finger on The Trigger, Things are Getting’ Better, Mad About You, Right Back Here in My Arms as well as Baby (Off The Wall) might distributing those aspects that all the woman of the early new millennium finding that equality freed them from just being man’s best friend or second staged winner, especially – in Pop culture musical games. 

Control Freaks: