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Litar Krvi Voli Me (City Records 2013)

Solo performance of a Balkan woman with her band consisting for Stefan Stijovic (guitars), Darko Stankovic or Sasa Djeric background the sensual Pop-tuning music for Marina Viskovic as being helped within the arranging music by A. Milic, Atelje Trag and many more providing this easy listening of blended Electronic Pop and Folk World ballads as everything written in Serb/Bosnian lyrics alike thus sensational Superheroj, Pogresan Raj (Wrong Paradise), Noc Bez Emojica (Night Without Emotions), Sta Ti Vredi as well as Ja Sam Nista Kad Te Volim which also written for the lyrics of romance and relationships by Marina Tucakovic, Jelena Trifunovic or Dejan Abadic – all recorded here for the album debut status on Alisa U Zemlji Cuda telling the version tales about Alice in Wonderland but this time through good danceable music works by this Balkan gorgeous sexy lady on her recording release.

You might instantly - loving it without needed to know every single words further but Pop-Dance music flirts being universally - for everyone. 

Alisa U Zemlji Cuda: