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Lies Excuses And (Go Down Records 2014)

   Meet the lesser-known of these rockers from Genova, Italy as they’re comprising as Fabio Speranza (voice and guitar), Francesco Leo (drums) and X on bass guitar; seemingly – good fitting enough for you the Desert Rock fanatic lovers to liking as the mid-tempo beats coming crazed and beyond expectations from these smaller name trio perhaps, eager to gaining their fame slowly within good recognitions and harder works promotion off their cool music within the baptizing name for Temple Of Deimos in combining their likes for Stoner Rock and Psychedelic Rock with a little bit metallic cranking to boost up the pace through those ten countable tracks inside Work To Be Done album that has fine melodies and riptides over Lady Squirt Cadillac, Questi Cazzi Di Vespone just like others on Remoras and Ghost to Lonewolf onto Sun Will Gulf Us straight through Better Take The Bike. The horde troops of invasion from aliens shall be the parts of the plan of the bigger conspiracy which trying to reveals by the group – if it’s not too necessarily, ordinary. 

Work To Be Done: