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Lies Beneath Calling (Despotz Records 2017)

   Skarlett Riot’s second efforts so far regarding them as one of those Hard Rock band from Britain formed in Scunthorpe with current members of Chloe “Skarlett” Drinkwater on lead vocals/guitars, Danny Oglesby the lead guitarist and backing vocals onto Martin Shepherd the bass guitarist and Luke Oglesby the drummer behind those sets driving their musical performance as good as it gets and further blowing tempos in themes written lyrics trying to be an answer from the UK to “a not so Paramore but mixture with Evanescence-darkened metallic-sides of the Goth-Symphonic infliction for non- instant popularity as Regenerate album feels right to be your fits collection addition materials once you have heard them in the flesh. 

   Quick simple sexy but not too darn commercial catchy to bang those heads following the visible Pop-Punk Alternative sounds via Break, Stand Alone, Affliction, Outcast, Paralyzed and The Storm reactively, concerns about how the band viewing the youth as their precious fans must be gaining and driven to be exactly, positive by their steps not going the wrong chosen path like the pioneering did. 

See that lady in black dress walking slowly towards the modern metropolis and spreading either kind of honest good over lights or the darker evil by gathering.