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Lele Yane (Self-Released 2018)

   Led by Sebastian James Taylor with his tons of aliases but here over Kaya Project would be four years in the making and twenty wonderful musicians presented the stunning foldout Tribal-Folk musical artworks and enclosing sessions that pro-natural with written tracks productions by Seb Taylor with Irina Mikhailova, Shahin Badar and Rena Psibindi as vocalist Natasha Taylor, Randolph Matthews, Marco De Luca, onto backing vocals Shahin Badar, Sabiha Khan and A Guatemalan Cockeral ordering the self-multi-instrumentalist performance from Seb Taylor on guitars, tzoura, saz, p-bass, piano to zitabo zither as well kalimba/darbuka, kids toys bells percussion and duduk while sitar plays by Luciano Sallun, bansuri by Hayat Muhammad; silver flute from Pearce Van Der Merwe; ney flute (Fatima Gozlan/Omar Faruk Tekbilek) releasing through Up From The Dust by kaya Project which showing us the audiences the seeding as the plants growing back again for the devastating dry-world means the life existing once again in time of solitude making Downtempo/World Chill Ambient realm as Forgive, Rain Bless Earth, Taki Ura Matts, Nazreh Mili (ft. Shahin Badar), Soul Sanctuary, Playful New World (ft. Randolph Matthews) or Shiva Shankara (ft. irina Mikhailova) would sounded so releasing to us all.

Up From The Dust: