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[Kleopatra] 03:23 (Self-Released 2014)

   May the Symphonic Deathcore Progressive and Metal tunes lives forever because they’re the important ownership for the last days of human independence before the great doomsday comes upon us. Just like the not to be loved  unit system of Siren Scream that hailing themselves out from Magadan, Russia and actually, being influenced by names like Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya onto Betraying The Martyrs and Dream Theater as only one soloist project music that really brutally blasting once you pressing play button there.
   Meet Eugene Belov the mastermind of the deader metallic of Epic Symphony Metal regards here online or off-lined but everything goes perfectly downer the hopes but our guitarist/composer/music arranger/multi-instrumentalist working for his talents and totality of angst feelings writing thus tracks like We Are Creating Way or The Day The Earth Stood Still – may causing ear-damage to the audience listeners and the normal world within this Empire Of The Lost Souls debut EP heard through the magical forest like the weeping spirits of the femme natura. 

Empire Of The Lost Souls EP: