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King Doron Yoav (Epic Picture Group 2015)


   The ending within Shushan track performed by Balkan Beat Box closing the terrible seizing of the Holy City of Jerusalem by the sci-fi movie background the entire holiday trip conducted by these American teenager tourists to the heart of the middle east through Jeruzalem which opened by the horrific event of two priests trying to do the exorcism onto a young female whose getting sicker and infected and looking hideous then suddenly transformed into a winged creature before being executes by a gun reveals that time secretly, performs under the old city sections of the Holy Temple Mount sprouting more incoming terror later to the place as being filming by the camera news crew.
Jewish girl Rachel Klein and Sarah Pullman vacation plan to Tel Aviv meet the fellow student Kevin whom interesting to many kinds of fascinating religious mythology such as Islamic Jinn, Golem of the Jews and undead zombies as the film rolls on features the use of POV’s google glass that Sarah took and wear on her. Hostel owner Omar and father Fauzi mingled with the girls as the channel news reports murder cases with no body found around the old city as Sarah hearing some kind of growl screams at night she went lost out there as well as the footage from the seventies about the strange exorcism. 
   Visiting of Western Wall and put prayer wish inside the cracks; four of them went to Solomon’s Quarries seeing sets of dark angels on the wall drawings as they think something might getting stranger going on around the place as Kevin being sent to the mental asylum for beliefs about the end of days prophecy from the Talmud while Sarah witnessing how Israeli military planes bombing parts of the city as local media reports potential terrorist attacks and calls for evacuations to its inhabitants. Escorting by two soldiers – Rachel and Omar separated with Sarah whom wanted to let Kevin out of the asylum only to find in the dark corridors horror and see one of thus winged creature slaying people as the exit gates being closed for quarantine leads the survivors onto underwater caves before something attacking Rachel and made her infected. 
As everybody got attack underground and one by one killed or be killed before Sarah realizing that she’s infected too – trying to escape with Kevin outside but as the girl suddenly, changed to something frightened and winged go up flying and leave Kevin astonishing in terror sees the rest panorama of the holy city burnt, covered in smokes as many swarming creatures small and bigger destroying the place by the number of thousands.