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Jimmy White (Self-Released 2016)

Arranging most of her time-out in the wilderness; this girl Paola Rogue means something truthful, atmospheric in Pop-Indie and manifest the grown up female intuitions led by independency as Sunday spending by her writing these tracks of faithful feelings about nature from the area nearby her home-place in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

The red-haired singing in whispering whirls about the far east placed of simple history themed in Nubia as well as The Trumpeter following the wider visions and ideas to share the moment for reflecting minutes with the questions and the lost over humanity and childhood pasts in A Great Buildup Of Air. 

Grungy riffs, melodies mid-tempo and great vocals giving the audience a parts of entertainment to dealing with themselves as The Young Ones and Belle keeping the moment of sounds unspoiled to creating non-commercial Pop-Rock passions for the self-thoughts and spreading lyrics for DIY works even over this lesser-known musical beings shortly like the circling of an empty carousel. 

A Great Buildup Of Air: