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Jaque Sez (Self-Released 2015)

   Are they’re really fulfilling the reaction phased themes on being collectively becomes a Romantic Comedy as these Providence, RI are not bunch of ordinary dummies off the local scene because the six piece version of Kevin, Justine, Max, Neil, Jon and Jeff would be spawning from a hard working creative nurtured duo of Electronic later turning to Synthesizer-Punk pleasant unit as they’re releasing this debut album firstly as Math The Band – as the soda coke spills and things would happening with or without purposes yet being reasonable or not but crazy catchy buzzing soft distorted or harmony vocals in mid-tempo jangly Pop-Punk tunes might surviving almost everything in this live to be liking or beloved. Just like the way you discovering new sounds of modern Alternative Rock for the first time; this self-titled recording also being that same thing as Jake Says slightly brought eerie on it while Not Gonna Fight or All We Are as well as Tour De Friends, BFFU and Didn’t Have Time to Think might be several good tracks that suits for the sing-along type horrible party needs to lifting-up the spirits among the guests sooner before things went miss the excitements ! 

The Album: