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Jahi Alga (Independent 2017)

   Religion and mysticism, personal struggles to history is the subjects added to the band’s Middle-Eastern Folk influences over their Symphonic/Progressive Metal assemble as this Kyyiv – Ukraine’s five piece members: Helle Bogdanova (vocals, lyrics), Evgeny Zhitnyuk (keyboards, vocals), Xander Kamyshin (bass), Dmitri Vinnichenko (guitars) and Ivan Kholmohorov (drums) releasing the full length album for The Sign of Faith objectively sharing their visions around the good and the evil in historic times as figures or terms or tragedy over mankind lifespan circles in a very great riff-age and power melodic within Alexandria, Theatre of Denial, Halves Rupture onto Last Chosen By You and How I Hate The Night as the sign appears and the hardened/softer angelic and traditional sounds emerging like mid-tempo magnitude force that may reflects you or changes your envision about the terrible beautiful world from time to time tearing out by differences and conflicts under the possession of tribal greed and Seytanu Akbar just like how Ignea (band) reveals them to you.

The Sign of Faith: