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It’s Okay (Paper + Plastick 2013)

   Pentimento isn’t sounded too American but the facts that these quartet truly came from and locally, being an American Emo-Punk Rock band from New York – Buffalo, to be exacted consisting for Jeramiah Pauly, Lance Claypool, Michael Hansen and Vincent Caito without dressing out in weirdy costumes or sensational news-dragging kinds of bull-shits but a low-profiled crew sharing sightings about a lonely red ship crossing the calm ocean in search perhaps, for the ashore princess or mysterious figure symbolizing the lost of friendships and relations on romance gone ashtray now available through Any Minute Now… or even Not So Young from the taking EP album of Inside The Sea. 

Surely, those melodies and harmony vocals and tunes attracting youthful souls over their searching for grown-up in peace of mind realm similar to this music project.

Inside The Sea EP: