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Invisible Queen (Independent 2005)

   Symphonic Black Metal of this unsigned black magic and darkness sounds off your Turin (Piedmont) Amethista as a group consisting for the brutal musical performance by Fidel manc and Arim Atrahasis (guitars), Frater Alchemoth Katharian on bass guitar onto Aeretica the vocalist and additional new musicians like keyboardist Alexandros, drummer Carlos or Victor Lai on six-strings for the extreme releasing album via Realitale as the interesting dark artworks may giving you a questioning in mind as well as the sensual female/growler vocals bombarding your ears for seven tracks arranging tunes reviewing the ultimate deliverance darkness messages of both screaming, melodic vocals onto the spoken words telling eerie tales and extremity in balance scales through The Beast Within…, My Monet is Eternity, The Vice, Lights in The Abyss or Souls’ Vibrations showing the world realm that dark-magic blackened evil existing in beauty or explosive materials cannot be stopped !