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Infinite Expansion (Independent 2015)

   Finest awesomely in the Heavy Metal Progressive sound recording is this Alternative Rock or riff-mastering edgy brothers from the small town in South Jersey within big dreams commencing inspirational lyrics and influences from Classical to Jazz infusing metallic brought by these Franklin, New jersey’s quartet of Nick Repice, Colin Clements, Josh Rommelmann and Andy Rommelmann not trying to follow the trends converting their finishing likes over tons of heavy rock influences onto this efforts via Acuity releasing their album mini on A Vision of Reality as music and lyrics being written by Andy and Josh while production resulting the harbinger blasts and thicker riffs driven by the mid-tempo techniques of high skills provides off talents and ideas as improvements and arranging themes painting the hidden castle under the surrounding mountains as three minutes plus seconds and another three minutes added by thirty-nine or forty-six more upon Canda or Fright bursting the modern Alternative Metal which by order of four tracks feels like a an eruption of volcanic rage from inside the crusty earth. 

A Vision Of Reality: