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Inez’s Secret (Blumhouse/Universal 2018)

   A cute teenager Olivia Barron cancelled her plan for a good social community event as being carefully forced by her best friend the blonde sexy Markie Cameron with Lucas Moreno the boyfriend along with more friends like Penelope, Tyson and Brad driving to their trip to Rosarito in Mexico as the Spring Breaks just did its touch down around them. Meeting with an asshole schoolmate Ronnie but his harassing attitudes intervenes by a strange handsome attractive and mysterious guy named Carter convincing the group of of these drunken teenagers following him to an interesting place playing initiates game as inside the ruins of an old creepy church on lies on a silent hill – the Truth Or Dare ? gaming begins with drinks and several chances to do silly or more embarrassing and shocking things related to the demanding of the game tricking most of them as Carter reveals to Olivia about his deceiving tricks to let her and her friends finishing the mission offered by the supernatural energy of evil thing possessing the next people entering the forbidden site and re-touching by demonic force with the game following them home and taking no refusal but either doing the desirable things or die miserably.
   The school days later the next week after seems to be turned out to be a small hell for Olivia whom seeing and hearing things which believe to be a stupid prank by someone but then more truth and dare reveals more bad relationships between her and Markie like the library shouting as many people there knew about Markie cheating on Lucas with other guys or college bar accident that kills Ronnie cause he refused to complete the dare and fell and broke his neck instantly while Brad forced to tell his ad Officer Han about his revealing homosexuality after Markie must broke Olivia’s hand with a hammer to stay alive. 
Tyson whose being skeptical dies the next day during his interview  while Penelope almost got herself fell for a suicidal attempt drunken on the roof forced to walk around the house within the dangerous heights and finishing her bottle of vodka over the edgy – falls safely by Brad, Olivia and Markie as they manage to find the wanted girl proven to be the last survivor from the previous mysterious death of teenage group recently visiting Mexico. 
Matthew Margeson compiling and composed the entire soundtrack for the story with names like Sylvia Tosun presenting World Keeps Turning, Ceci Bastida traditional tracks via No Voy A Regresar onto Order by Moderns, Champion of Love by Nyssa and Matthew Margeson’s instrumental track-listing with Spring Break Packing, The Game, Follow The Rules or I Don’t Want To Play as Giselle the last remaining girl met and told them the story about her and Sam played the game being responsible to wrecked the ruins sacrificial stuff breaking the demon loose but ended up later shooting Olivia but killing Penelope whom jumps to protecting her before Giselle shoot herself too. 
   Going back to Tijuana and meet the mute and former nun previously involving with the horrific gruesome mutilated of a priest caused by the girls playing the same game summoning ancient demon and giving the spells and the way of the ritual to Olivia and friends to ended up the terrorizing game. 
Seven times incantations and the forcible under the gun hold by Olivia on Sam/Carter the last survivor guy whose tricking them the first place and the one who can sealed the presence of it inside a clay-pot by cutting his own tongue but the demonic entity is smart by killing him and Lucas slitting his own throat leaving Markie and Olivia need to continues the prolonging initiated game as Olivia uploads the recording to YouTube and many people around the world can check it up as the rules being told by her; challenging them all to play Truth Or Dare ?