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In Cars You Rust ? (Anagram Records 1984)

   Whether you might knowing them as a the dynamic duet of Electronic Industrial mayhem but the name of strange taste for Alien Sex Fiend really suits the music that bending the most outrageous Punkish of the Pop-Rock mixed with pure darker synthesizers and Gothic-themed not suggesting positive things for those whom disbelieved onto society connections as well as bored with the pressures. Collectively, sharing ideas and comprising for Nik Fiend (vocals), Mrs. Fiend (keyboards), Yaxi Highrizer (guitars), Johnny Ha Ha (drums) with Doc Milton on keyboards and Rat Fink Jr. the guitarist uniting the irrelevant releasing on the band’s third records of Acid Bath; remarkably feeding your ears with New Wave and Goth-Rock pleasure, glam and tracks like no other to push boundaries further wicked and hideous as possible via Dead and Re-buried, She’s a Killer, Break Down and Cry (Lay Down and Die – Goodbye), E.S.T (Trip to The Moon) or Attack!!!!! #2 must be the lower levels to be visited by thus fanatic fans on this type of seminal aggressive sounds dragging beats to do rock disco on the same time like nuts ! 

Acid Bath: