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Illegal Grave (Tigerclub Showcase 2017)

   Connected not really satisfying for dealing themed to a gory parts of body snatching, illegal dissections or diabolical surgeries becoming unearthed putrid as treats to the ears of audience while (The) Corpse Collector might turned out to be that choice for them who likes Cypress Hill-tinged slow-gothic background as well as more crucifixion of human monuments around sinful acts and beats variety just like how Crabskull did for their recording. Surely, reminds you off not just regular Boom-Bap, Hardcore Hip-Hop, instrumental Psychedelic and soundtrack of Rap/Funk metallic mixtures within those displaying of many scary eyes just related to Perry Mason-kinds of theme rhyming hard and stable to filling your head with fear. 

The Winnipeg products releases over Identifying The Bodies, Infecting The Crypts, Human Remains and Carcass Selection ended up to the seventeen minutes and twenty-one seconds might witnessing someone getting murdered and slaughtered on their own bedroom or kitchen or even the porch … 

Happens all the time weirder ! 

Corpse Collector: