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Hyperception Rain (Beetroot 2014)

   Try to find the real costs of freedom as you might not remember that CSN & Y ever got to meet Jazz wonderful as the reproduction of happy hippie kaleidoscopic/psychotropic sounds of the sixties that the band never ever made is the greatest within shimmering guitars, rhythmic propulsive flex and wandering whimsy as bold being composed by this five piece of Brighton, UK named Jouis as Psyhedelic and Progressive designed through Dojo the debut album as the combinations of Modern Rock, Classical Jazz, Eastern-tinged and Psychedelic progressions gripping your interests for the masterpiece that didn’t really well-known included there as Earthly Emerald Eyes, What’s New Guru ?, Universe Goggles, New Moon and Misty Maker Stomp really worth your entire timing chance over just listening but feeling the peace that embarks the heat of the warmth over the colder season of nonsense.