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Hoyrat Dalasi (World In Sound 2015)

   Excellent full force of Psychedelic/Space Rock treasure in Progressive mode techniques of high within the local members in spirit: Alper Anthem (guitars, lead vocals), the unique Bans Guveneter (violoncello), Tolga Ozturk (basses, backing vocals) and Ozgur Devrim (drums/backing vocals) improving the great talents and arranging compositions that closer to the traditional sounds of local music and ottoman empire heritage legacy as these Istanbul crew calling themselves Kirkbinsinek which really and truly strange to the international ears but not the musical performance in preference as Sis Pus Sus the album allowing the Eastern influences to conquering harder the atmosphere in definitive ventures of a better world fantasy imploring the 60’s and the 70’s Prog-Rock features all around in magical songs. 
   One already can easily becoming hypnotized to them even without any charming snake shows as the long jams or the harmonic staccato riffs or flowing vocals and determining catches tunes having a relation similarity to the more traditional version of Master of Reality works by the middle east standard. Listen for Kara Iplik (Black Yarn), Derdim Dert (I Have Trouble), Nefes (Breath) as well as Karanlik Cokunce realted meaning to the dark; within the good cvoer album painting and more seducing hearing tones that might reminding you about the realm of home or distant place resemblance to it.

Sis Pus Sus: