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How Do You Like It (Abandon Records 2005)

   Gnarling Rock N’ Roll noisy and Punkish Sludge monitoring Bluesy bragging is a must high point to loving how the group like Rostock, Germany’s Tricky Lobsters can put the insider tip terms repeatedly used but attractive to make yourself head-bang like crazy and your girlfriend wearing only bra and sweaty as the band licking her body-parts within the sharp riffs, cool drumming and heavy bass-rhythms through the excessive eleven tracks album recording on the third releasing - Untouched from guitarist/vocalist Herr Grauper to Aggi the bass player and backing vocals to Kpt. Peters the man behind the drum-sets performing all the best they can to battering ram your day today from depression to super highly energetic and rocking/metal preposition righty as the blasting songs played - harder and highly techniques in a fucking awesome ways to hear. 

   Drank up and more licks for your babe and your realm as Jack in The Box, Fuses Blown, Sweet Pretender or Keep an Eye on The Road sets heat upon the steamrolling madder of good tensions as well as beer aquarium and displaying nude women cheering the better life for free men and beyond continues after the influential pinched racing from start to the finish line !