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Highway Hunters (Self-Released 2017)

   The ancient kingdom of gold, prosperous and territory conquest and magnificent era of ruling the half parts of the planet would be great to learn as you head-banging the heads following the kinds of mighty Heavy Rock music like did rocking by the trio of Alex Spielhaupter (vocals and bass), Jonas Nystrom (drums) and Ramin Mikkola (guitars) as Sulphur Dreams on the recording over their Progressive Doomy and Psychedelic Stoner Metal made of Sweden; Gothenburg to be exact. Blistering with such a powerful grooves and melodic techniques as well as good lead vocals clearly clean on describing the geological epoch or ecosystem exploitations on nature and history being written before and those secrets that hidden beneath the society to keep the mysteries around these seven tracks un-revealed.

   One may listening to them each – one by one as astrology or astronomy or even spell-crafts influencing the rest of the background off the recording sacred sounds of Classic Heavy Metal meets the force brought by Space Rock tunes orders within Babel A.D, Feuer auf die Seele, Doom Witch and Utopia Out of Sight – that blaring the sophomore solos, droning apocalyptic trumpets or the sightings of advance civilizations destroying themselves with their human capability of self-destructs; no matter what reasons provides it to happened.

The Divine Anthropocene: