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Herringbone Way (CheapBeats 2018)

Dandy music sounds in non-difficult talented jazzy Pop tuning as the boy busy writing down his next project works as many little fluffy creatures and cereal and milky drops while the fireplace burnt the warmth breath among those whom needing it the most because as it cold outside; some characteristic hero paying attentions to the little fluffy creatures and the boy in almost perceivable absurdity tempo and dripping games of sounds through Funk. Rock, Pop Jazz, Swing and sexual touches.

Within the additional alto saxophone performing by Stephane Mercier and 8-Bit Electronic, Tokyo’s Chiptune music and Lo-Fi by Tenfour from over Wish Book recording spawning your interesting tracks as like as Domino Hot, Contraband, Donut Conspiracy, Spinster and Sleeveless or Omaha Junction as thus early sixties broad-way staging original music giving the almost the same experience off this experiments as like you peeping the slides from a toy camera – showing you about some beauty nude artists. 

Wish Book: