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Heist Off Kilter (Bandcamp 2017)

   "Gutta bruthas" coalition over the late night snacks of Hip-Hop/Rap mid-tempo New School as additional flavored lyrics tastes must be came to introduction the pieces of art of works flowin’ bastard males inner-vision for seeing the goddamn world around them by writing materials and sharing food of thoughts as thus smart feast midnight party turns the last supper onto Late Night Snack with The Locksmith and Friends presenting the beats collaborations that sounded clever and modern what else do you waiting for if isn’t for Count Down w/Nomac and The Reverend, Left Brain Right Brain by Most Merciless and Coyote Conspiracy or Poets Ear ready to giving you a quick interest attractions against the Nonbelievers and Coverups and Sweet Dreams made by the Michigan's The Brutal Gourmet !

Late Night Snack with The Locksmith and Friends: