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Health Tips (Self-Released 2016)

Raw rowdy Electronic free-Punk meets Thrash-Metal and Synth-Punk force from the hailed band of Reunion Island; having Pascale (vocals, bass), Charlou (synth,saxophone, vocals) and Johny (drums, backing vocals) recording their massive themed tracks sounding like a broken record as many punkers and civil workers and prostitutes being stuck-piled altogether to be grinding down into a supply meats for the next hungry generation of the richer onto Speed album release which may sounded too damn odd, mid-tempo fast and as getting weirder like your stereo needs to be fixed quickly while playing this. Whether you choose number six song – 12 123 132 or Pussycat in sohrter timing and even Kil Disco and other in way further longer duration; KilKil may becoming your last hope on saving the dare rebel sounds to prolonging  the marks of how modern Indie Garage Electro-Punk lives since being betrayed by the popular media and taken their fame to filling the music companies’ pockets since …