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Haolam Sheli Ido (Self-Released 2018)

   Blending the respectful frictions among the likes for becoming the next Jewish Will.I.Am version within thus creative mixtures between Dancehall/Hip-Hop and Pop-Mediterranian off the area on Menachamia to the modern Tel Aviv recommended local historic and fast-forwarding good beat-makers in resistence order written the lyrics in Hebrews as Peled would be your great picking choice for learning more to the scene of Pop-culture among the traditional beliefs as Sababa 5 being released as your collective music of Israel various formats showing that the country’s having a significant developments on its own heritage cultures on musical projects. 

   From Zombie (ft. Cohen@mushon ), Ze Lo Me An Yen Oti, Stanga, E.F Shar bli (ft. Nache) as well as Ma Ani Nira  leads the entire mixing sounds from Rap to Latin beats rhythmically, responsible for you to get entertaining and interested to this kinds of professional pick-up tourism attractions being promoted as well by an Israelites. 

Shalom you lucky ones and very much welcome ! 

Sababa 5: