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Half-Blooded Prince (Independent 2007)

   And then, The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail crossing the liquid water of the vast ocean to the real journey fully equipped as the mini recording completed and being re-released as the studio album by the Symphonic Power Metal pride members of this Nahariya – Israel unit which comprising the mixed gender musicians like Boris Siper on bass, Hesperus the drummer, Eli Charmoshniuk with Adir Colona the double guitarists and vocals with Galia Ben-Sa’adon on keyboards and Shiri Burach on vocals bringing the fantasy themes of track-listing harmonies and twelve songs to rocking out your stereo ears up under the full moon mystic and purple watery sea of midnight and progression highly techniques comparable to the magnificent made by Altharya band on their crazy tempos or catchy sounds as the listeners will loving them all: Describing Sanity, Dear Mortality, Death Won’t Do Them Part, The Heir onto Tenth Night and Revenge as they’re professionally, arranged pretty well Eastern-tinged and orchestration to induces you falling in love to how Altharya keeping the neat process for telling good stories over their music.

   Awesome piano/keyboards play and solid loud music seems to blessing the Israelis with not just talents or beauty but also – hope; accompanying them on the life’s journey through this kinds of Folk-Metal speed music and Classical melodies blend to the. 

The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail: