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Gypsy Notes (Nature Sounds 2015)


Fully groovy beats comes out off your stereo system as the will on playing this good shit recording made by these two semi-master rappin’ duo calling themselves – (The) Camp Lo as Saladine Wallace and Salahadeen Wilds profiling their goals onto Ragtime Hightimes within the racing to time inside the space car going sonic fast through the forest of mushrooms and revealing that lives is more than stressed out and serious stuff but easily can be changed onto a freaking good time if you wanted to have almost daily with the methods that being taught by these cool dark-skinned Bronx natives on their Hip-Hop music products just as small stepping as pressing your inner-self to appreciates the entire whole global matters bio-natural and artificial within the rhyming catch for Power Man, Sunshine, Cold Retarded, Bright Lights, Sunglasses as well as the absurd facts on Black Jesus – that certainly, teaching further to your conscious about how not to be Mean Joe can turning you get an Award Winning not because you wanted to plan a kamikaze but spreading Life I Love to everybody in a prestigious positive ways !

Ragtime Hightimes: