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Grief 06:52 (Pantheon Records 1998)

   Classic brutality of extreme Black Metal Symphonic making as Goran Bomann on bass guitar, Ole Johan Moe onto Inge Johansen shredding on guitars while leading vocalist on guitar Svenn-Aksel Henriksen writing down their themes lyrics and musical taken the influences from nature onto mythology tales for the entire Gothic Metal performance from the Kristiansand, Norway group belief to be existed before as Apostasy with the releasing on this mini album recording mixtures of growler vocals and female harmony ones as the double pedals guarding their tempos and blasting crack-open sounds within the tearing off the sky for figurine angel over the silent tree-towering forest of the ancient mystic traditional tribe-fest of the old ancient Norse-men beliefs and symphonic metal gearing up via by The Shores of His Kingdom, Tales From a Dying Angel onto opening instrumental track in A King’s Descent releasing the hidden hatred meets the peace truce as the Mournful Heaven buried deeper since after the lost songs being sang through the echoing leaves of magic land’s fantasy and reality.

Mournful Heaven EP: