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Grid Your Lions (Bandcamp 2018)

Atmospheric Black Metal to Progressive metallic and Sludge Stoner rocking from these Weymouth’s group not really playing Shoegaze by actual but more heavier stuff brought following their steps for Fissure Of Riddles did their perished elements conjures by the melodic riff of UK’s South Coast and Post Metal produced by Matt Wyzzy (vocals/guitars), Mark Taylor (guitars), Dan Challinor (bass) and Lee Biles (drums/percussion) entering Nemea – the vicious land of those terrible dragonite creature carving for female souls and human flesh that dares to come inside.

As the fighting and struggles must be quite concrete to be auctioned as action over reactions as the journey of fist-fighting music scars provides better with your eyes close imagining and let thus heavy metallic sounds speaks louder over those nine tracks crushing memories for the brave and the greater explorer bursting onto Ignorance is Blessed, Scrumps, Paleozoic and Drown Our Bilge is like starting the forty-years wars again in the second parts of E.D.O.S or Glacial Retention ruling over the last piece of the planet.