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Gregorians Of Spring (MELO Records 2001)

   Strange name is this Gas Of Latvia as being totally influenced by the likes for Einsturzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno and Merzbow or Mark Rothko as one significant different vibes making of albums over Drone Ambient, Industrial Music and IDM noises as the resulting works from producer/composer Andris Indans doing the music and Zane Zelmene on video creative producing as writings and theatre dancing performances breathing these Free-format on Electronic and experimented instrumentals in The Melancholic Valse from inside the closed bedroom area in Ikskile and Riga – majority spawning the robbed apartment computer’s sound materials copies on Lunch Time, The Colour of Feverish Hopes, Shiva Trip as well as Balls & Pupils onto Space Gazer like a burning frozen swan in the cold lake turning death into energy of non-specific renewable sources of sounds builder with blueist/greenish fire lights indicator.

The Melancholic Valse: