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Girdap Yorgunum (Pasaj Muzik 2013)

Alternative Rock modern touches and good-looking woman is Sebnem Ferah of Yalova – Turkey being a great new favorable singer, song-writer, guitarist and composer you can compare to other international artists such as Amy Lee or Symphonic female rockers everywhere made her own project of Rock Music again through this seventh studio recordings over Od (From). Looking different with short hair but the music getting heavier and catchy to listen by national or non-turkish speaking people as being show approved here on Kalbim Mezar (My Heart is a Grave) to Birileri Var (They Have One) as well as Savas Boyasi (War Color) and Utangac (Shy) are some of “the must cranking louder” rock music you need to learn from this gorgeous Turkish soloist rock-head girl today.

Not everything going backwards because of the dictatorship of the new president there can stopping Hard Rock sounds from blaring aloud. 

This is the proof and you will loving her !