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Garden With Sakura (Not On Label 2013)

   Aliases for Lord Sauron or Robert Gadjos – this Slovakian musician has been doing his music since almost eighteen years longer and started the times commodore computer of c64 and Atari being introduced as the sound mixing of 8bit and darker underground absorbed the love in fell tracker on re-noise benefits more or lesser but Headdreamer could be the most suitable project he likes the most on providing the surreal of beats beneath thus Dance-lovers music fans onto the blending for Ambient, Down-tempo to IDM Electronic of not too popular results in Father honoring the beat-systems as thus thirteen tracks reveals all honestly the same to be listenable alike. 
   As the rain falls like the uninvited starts over a day; one might leads their steps or movements toward the tests of one by one playable sounds by responsibility of spiritual arts instrumentally via What Will Tomorrow, Fight With Each Other, To Learn and To Improve, Unfinished Things, Exit Out and Return onto I Will Never Forget – means wisdom aren’t always becoming the overall looks in harmless but preparing an umbrella would be a good thing to prevent your mistakes from getting wetter.