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Galatea Hecatomb (Bandcamp 2017)

   One man soulless in Progressive/Atmospheric/Math Metal or Djent courageous blistering project by the Ukrainian personal raging sounds as being influenced by directing high-resistance technician values over names like Anomalous, Lykathea Aflame as well as Nile to Reverence coming in crusher crash sounding formats carried through the mystical failure of a sad bride un-wedded tales via Arphael’s releasing record on Argenesis; which telling you about the memory lane story for those whom shedding tears as the heart-broke in shreds as well with the long gone and loss of the beloved one because of disease, battle or supernatural leaving the rose-femme girl tossing her faith and hopes ablaze to the end of Spring in Kiev surroundings under the circumstance over these fourteen tracks wrongly, performs as perhaps, condolences to the non-curable feelings as Night Before We Met, Deon Of The First Light, Falling in Fragrance of Her, Artificial Existence and Human Grave – conquers all the ambient Death metal atmospheric performance with growlers and double pedals and deadly romance with imprisoning poison bites.