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Frost Wolf Dance (Teutonic Existence 1996)

   Occultism, satanic evil and sorrow might less related to the name the band had choose for them – Xenomorph of Leiden – The Netherlands would be one of your blast from the past of Progressive Death Metal classic that really gives your head a terrible headache while listening. The suffered intricate performance from Remco Kreft (guitars), De Tombe (vocals), JRA (bass) and Marc (drums) taking the likes of scientific to be added to their name from the famous movie about scary hideous creature but the themes actually, going a very different way. These South Holland metal-heads writing about Irrelevent Life, Abandoned (Body), Carnificated Dreams onto Moodswings as well as Collector of Pain and A Trip To Catatonia over their compilation recording by the title of Acardiacus among thus ten tracks.

Closer to the grinding sessions of early Obituary and others Death Metal acts with the gory front cover, howler screams of solos and double penetrations of torturing pedals drumming; this one suits for any type of horror-related situation audience fan.