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Forked Height (Napalm Records 2003)

   This second recording full length album from Battlelore as their dark fantasies themed and journey continues within thus great formats profiling the intense passionate of bassist Timo Honkanen with Jussi Rautio and Jyri Vahvanen on lead guitars as well as flute/keyboardist Maria and drummer Henri Vahvanen or Kaisha Jouhki and Tomi Mykkanen did the vocals leading roles writing the tales and the wars against the terrorizing creatures from thus Viking Metal background and ancient beliefs as the inter approaching closer, faster and the darkness covering the land mostly, dangerous sending the strength for only the bravest and the best warriors to confronting the threats in order to saving more villagers community and themselves from the raging fire breathing dragons in Sword’s Song as heroic and leading your ears to listening for the anthemic battle tunes and epic stories through Buccaneers Inn, The Mark of The Bear, Sons of Riddermark onto some influences heavily by J.R.R. Tolkien works via Khazad-Dum Pt.2 (Silent Caverns), Horns of Gondor as well as Attack of the Orcs which barely – might opening your imaginations within the angelic voices, the crushing sounds and metallic bangs just as the group spreading the inviting Symphonic Metal mixed with Heavy Rock and Goth-ensemble on the traditional sided performance to be remembered like the saga themselves. 

Sword's Song: