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Forest Goddess Mud (Electronic Art Metal 2008)

   As Thanasis Lightbridge performing his next steps to the more Sci-Fi with meditative inner-self spacing theory in practice of Heavy Metal music project invented Dol Theeta as lyrics and sounds as his collaboration to be assisted by Dimitris Makrantonakis or J. Demian the guitar players and Kortessa Tsifodimou on vocals for this debut recording entitled The Universe Expands – fully repetitive within the big-timing Progressive Rock/ keyboards/additional vocals/song-writings and drums performed by Thanasis himself.

   One may feels the unique heaviness and smart presents among thus collaborative on New Age, Avant-Garde, Electro-Pop and Heavy Metal inside the album composed cleverly by Thanasis as includes the psychedelic journey, cerebral explorations and outer cosmos retaining in dreamy and deep melodies formats within the collections of marvelous tracks like Something Called Tomorrow, Afterlife Crescendo, Every Goodbye, Nighttime or Silver Air extract within different duration from four minutes to eight and nine minutes topping the characteristic world music mixing sounds completed the Heavy Metal-sides of it. 

The Universe Expands: