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Figuration Scornful (Sevared Records 2017)

   Roughly mixed and mastered by Januaryo Hardy giving this gut vomited brutal music not suitable for much of normal people to listen but for the underground Indonesian – must be a hell of a cryptic beasty presentation not to be fucking missed through the instruments-performing, unrelenting chaotic over this deadly Bekasi proof of highly dangerous collaboration from Rio Oscaryzm and Timbul Cahyono helping this solo act project of sophomore grinder relentless Death metal contains several grinders fronting the factual malevolent titles here from Paolo Chiti to Julian Fadhil to Deddy Permadi for the continuity of the tales behind the terrifying magic and dark roots beliefs off the jinn people of the forest with onslaught mixed for samples and experience through Perfidious Elders, The Imminent Absurdity and Demoralized to Preserving Abolishment as A Vile Omniscience exploding from inside the Spiritual Awakening by Perverted Dexterity told the audience about how traditional takes its crowning back from the monotheist beliefs that spreading only hatred and lies.

Spiritual Awakening: