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Falling Shattered (Prophecy Productions 2000)

   Avant-Garde Progressive Metal group hailed from Kristiansand – Norway originally came in formation of Terje Vik Shei, Chris Botteri, X-Botteri to Alf T. Leangel as solidify themselves under the excellent name via Green Carnation as the bordering music of blended extreme and deadly beauty seems to be sounding dangerous and eerie within the introspective sorrow and life-themed lyrics as thus female haunting orchestral voices keeping the thrilling moment of danger immediately stays and dwelled in yours. 
   Journey To The End Of The Night may sounded closer to the works of horror writers and the resemblance to a version of mixture between Pink Floyd and Emperor where Doom Metal, Psychedelic Prog-Rock and Symphonic sounds looks effectively, tangled to build a statue of dark miracles in magic hollowed howling past the autumn while nearly embracing winter solitude. Listen carefully, to the hypnotizing tracks like In The Realm of The Midnight Sun, My Dark Reflections of Life and Death, Under Eternal Stars or Echoes of Despair (Part II). 

May you die with a gnarled smile in your cold coven …

Journey To The End Of The Night: