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Exploited Prophecy (Not On Label 2015)

   Volikilizt leader Nils, drummer storming Stefan, Jesco and Flo the satanic six-stringers and bassist mayhem from Marcel hailed from their hometown of ex- West Germany capital city – Bonn; founding you and ears as a brain and hearing sense unity unit a pleasure in brutalized head-banging by the crazy tempo over Hereditary group releasing album taking the basic background tales and science on the skull-head mixture to the DNA of a living forms as being completely made by higher power possibility and great efforts as the supernatural energy force not arguing but displeases to admiring and legalize for this band of Melodic Death Metal baptizing the releasing of eradicated mission for Angel of Decay within the perfect growlers, mighty riffs like doomsday and apocalyptic visions lyrics and vengeance from those whom really buried the burden feelings for it as the tracks brutalized and being punishment as Resurrected Persecutor, Flesh & Bones, Impurity or Evilution cranking the basic standard stereo system volume in mid-level before someone put it louder blaring and the world suddenly, deafen and weak to be butchered and re-arranged in blood.

Angel Of Decay: